Thursday, June 7, 2012


I have been in bondage, my friends, my readers, my loyal followers.

Bondage, I say.

Yes, and know, that only the most severe of bonds could have kept me from my duties, posting my thoughts and wisdoms on this blog, sharing my unique perspective with a world living unendarkened.

But Anne Elisabeth, you see, has been in the throes of drafting her newest novel on deadline and, being wretched, has decided that this deadline of hers is more important than MY blog.

Well, say you, why don't you complain? Complain and demand your rights as supreme dictator of Rooglewood?

Oh, believe me, believe me when I say that I have. I have put all four of my dainty paws down, titled my head frighteningly to one side, lashed my exquisite plume of a tail and said, "ANNE ELISABETH! GIVE ME ATTENTION NOW!" Meaning, of course, that I want a chance to blog.

This is what I get:

That's right! The binding chains of human affection as personified by Anne Elisabeth's skinny arms wrapped in tight and restrictive embrace about my fluffy yet formidable person!

Must. Escape. Cuddles.

When she gets in moods like this, there is simply no reasoning with Anne Elisabeth. She will cling and cling and cling like something that clings, and it's either succumb to the affection . . . or flee!

But I, supreme dictator that I am, have never been one to flee.

Fine. We'll cuddle. But don't think I'll enjoy it!

Thus my long absence, my own besotted swains. Even now, I have scarcely a moment before that human of mine is bound to return from her errands and pushes me off the keyboard so she can return to her . . .

Wait! There she is! Stop! No, no! Bad human! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaasd;lkjf a;lkrj a;lg ja; lj ;lj ;;rel   - --------------------------------------------------------------_________________________________                 

(Until next time . . . )