Monday, April 2, 2012

Doctor Mew

When I am getting especially stressed (such as when my very own despotism is overrun with foster kittens. Blah!) there is nothing I like better than curling up and watching some of my favorite shows. You know what I'm talking about, furry readers! After an exhausting day of napping, grooming, plotting, preening, domineering, and knocking-things-off-of-things, we all of us need our down time, right?

Let me now write reviews of some of my favorite shows. First off is:

The Backyard

You can see from the look of confused horror
on Molly's face, that this episode is
particularly good!

This is an awesome show that I and the feline (peons) of Rooglewood enjoy every day. It's one of those unscripted Reality Shows. The best episode comes on at 6 o'clock every evening. That's when the Robin Swarm descends to hunt worms, and we all lose ourselves in the fantasy of bird-hunting! It's pretty epic.

Even without birds, this show can be fairly awesome. For instance, one evening the sky started falling.


Anne Elisabeth, being a know-it-all, said that it wasn't actually the sky that was falling so much as the snow falling from the sky. (That's how she explains things: All patient-like. With italics. Like she knows what she's talking about or something. I ignore her mostly.)

Anyway, that show can be very exciting, and it is my favorite. But there are other good ones too. For instance, if the birds aren't showing up on Backyard, I can always be sure of an interesting time watching my second favorite TV show . . .


I can't tear my gaze away!

Seriously, this is an awesome show! You can watch it for yourself here and get caught up in the ongoing saga!

For those of you who don't have the time and need a quick recap: It's about this bird feeder, and there are these birds, and these birds come to this bird feeder, and they, like, eat the bird seeds, and they chirp, and they hop around, and then they fly away! and fly back again. It's amazing. Seriously. You've got to see it for yourself!

The sequel, Squirrels, is good too. Not quite as good, but decent TV, you know? You can't expect every script to be as compelling as Birdies.

Okay, on to another favorite of mine, which is:

Doctor Who

Doctor Mew?

It's a pretty good program. You know, for human TV. Again, you can't expect to find the depth of scripting like you have in Birdies just everywhere, especially not in a TV show based on humans. But there are some pretty good characters:

Hello, Rose Tyler. Could you wriggle around on the
screen a bit more, please?

And there are lots of Things Moving Around, like monsters and space ships and stuff.

When it gets a few inches closer, I will catch it in my paw . . .

I think those are all my very favorites. I do enjoy watching a little tennis with Rohan now and then too. Now THAT'S a fun game to watch! There's this little ball that goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth . . .

And all the little humans go running back and forth
and back and forth and back and forth . . .

It's just so cool!

So what are some of your favorite shows?


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