Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cuddles and Kisses

I think the worst part about having this surplus of kittens in the house has been the additional surplus of affection. (Affection not directed at me, that is.)

My Minion has been the worst of the lot. He has been especially taken with his little niece, and I am CONSTANTLY finding him all gushy over her! It's pretty horrible.

An evening groom.

All right, all right, "Uncle Monster." I think she's clean enough.

Even the kitten looks disgruntled here!

And, as if he hadn't gotten her washed up plenty last night, I caught him at it again today.

You'd think minions would be a little more resistant to fuzzy-cuteness than all that. It's disappointing. That's what it is. Disappointing.

Of course, you except these tiny beasts to be cuddly amongst themselves.

Wait a minute! What am I seeing? That kitten in the middle isn't part of the original litter, is he?

WHAT THE WHISKERS, ANNE ELISABETH!!! Do you think you can just sneak a new one in without my noticing?!?! How many kitties are you going to INFLICT upon my DOMAIN?!?!

Yeah, don't try to be cute.
I'm not accepting you.

The most horrible thing, of course, is seeing my own beloved Rohan falling under the fuzzy-cuteness spell. I thought he at least would have the strength to resist! But, I mean, when the house is brimming with cuteness, even the mightiest will fall.

Alas, Sweet Rohan, that it
should come to this!

I, however, have managed to keep my aloof dignity intact. As ruling despot of Rooglewood, someone has to keep her head on her shoulders, no matter the squeeeing of the household staff.

See? Aloof distance.

Scamper scamper scamper


What? No! Really! I didn't kiss it!

Okay, maybe once.

But, I mean, I am SURROUNDED BY BITTY BABIES! How long must I be strong? How long must I resist?

I don't know if I can last much longer . . .