Monday, November 26, 2012

Pedestals, Grooming Stations, and Suchlike

They say it is dangerous to live up on a pedestal. When exalted to lofty heights, there is nothing left but to fall.

To this I say, "Phooey!"

Some of us were born for the pedestal.

There have been doings in Rooglewood of late. Doings of great interest which I shall herewith report. First of all, the recent arrival of the New Napping Spot of Choice.

Anne Elisabeth is under the feeble delusion that Rohan bought this comfy new cat-bed for her. She claims she's going to put it in her new Author's Study and will sit upon it while she writes her little stories.


As clearly shown above, this couch of repose is meant for feline repose and none other.

It also serves admirably for a grooming station, as seen above. Plenty of room for you and a friend (or a gremlin, in this case) to enjoy all the luxuries of a good evening groom!

And Marmaduke seems to think it a perfect new spot to display his so-called "beauty."

Because he has to make it all about him.
It's all too easy to upstage him with fluffiness!
Anyway, as you can see in the images above, one of Anne Elisabeth's "charity cases" has been hanging around much longer than usual. The little black Gremlin is nearly full grown, and still hasn't managed to find a permanent home! I'm starting to get used to seeing it around, though. We even groom together upon occasion.
"Hey, Gremlin? You missed a spot!"
"Oh, thank you, Exalted One!"
Because that's what it calls me. Seriously.
Anne Elisabeth, being wretched, thinks this particular creature is a funny-looking and calls it her "vampire kitty." I think this is a bit harsh!
 But it's definitely a Gremlin. No two ways about it.
My Minion can't stand it. He thinks it's a dreadful beast sent to Rooglewood for the sole purpose of annoying him. The Gremlin, however, thinks my Minion is AWESOME and constantly tries to cuddle.
Gremlin: "I love Uncle Monster!"
Minion: "Ugh. What is this horror to which I wake?"
But my Minion isn't very consistent. While most of the time he insists that he hates the Gremlin, sometimes I catch them in this attitude!
"Kissy! Kissy! Love! Love!"
"But Minerva," says my Minion, "Midnight is a different kitty! There are two black kitties in the house, you know? I love Midnight, and I hate the Gremlin. It's simple!"
What on earth is he talking about? There can't possibly be two gremlins in Rooglewood. It doesn't make sense!

That's got to be the same cat? Right?
Yeah, the Minion's lost it. That's all there is to it. He's seeing double. Or something.
However it is, we have had a steady stream of Anne Elisabeth's wretched charity cases coming through Rooglewood. For a month or so there, we had Gray Kitten:
As seen here with the Gremlin.
And no sooner were we rid of him then Anne Elisabeth took in his sibling, Gray Kitten 2.

Cute. Sure. But is it fluffy?
There's just no end of them! Seriously, folks, do you know anyone who can take some of these fur-beasts off my paws? They distract from my majesty!
Heh. As if that were possible!



  1. Minerva, I have missed you! The New Napping Spot of Choice looks quite comfy. As far as the Gremlin and Minion go, do you think that maybe the reason Minion doesn't like the Gremlin is because he's taking Minion's place? You must think of these things...the Gremlin might not be quite as minion-like as Minion is. You wouldn't want to lose such a loyal follower as Minion to the new Gremlin kitty.

  2. Love the new couch, Minerva! You really shouldn't begrudge Anne Elisabeth some time on it, after all she will provide a warm lap to sit on. A pedestal?! Perfect!