Monday, October 31, 2011


Last night, Anne Elisabeth invited over her Literary League Ladies.

Without permission.

Can you believe how difficult it is to keep the subjects in line sometimes?

Anyway, she had them over, and it was just as well for her that I happen to like the Literary League Ladies. Other than the fact that they spend more of their time talking about Literary Topics (when they could be talking about, you know, me), they also appreciate a fine coat of soft, fluffy fur when they see one. And when toys are fetched to their feet, they are adept at dangling them.

Lucky for you, Anne Elisabeth . . . lucky for you.

One of the ladies, Samantha, was convinced to play dress-up in honor of Halloween. I helped:

"Excuse me, let me just make certain your grooming is all in order."

"All right, you're set. Carry on, human."

I'm not going to lie, that dress was a lot of fun! Humans don't wear fun clothes often enough these days, but that dress is a lair all in and of itself! The minions and I had a grand time diving underneath, then BURSTING out in an explosion of lace and fur!

The little human squeaked. It was hilarious.

So it was a fun night after all. One of the Literary Ladies dangled my favorite toy for me while they read their Ray Bradburry, their Jorges Luise Borges, and their Sandman Chronicles shorts. I find literature extreme dull (except for practical things, such as some of T.S. Eliot's work). But dangly plastic toys are quite exhilarating!

Afterwards, Marmaduke and I talked about what we would like to be for Halloween. He says he sees himself as something of a Charles Boyer.

 Hmmmm . . . Not a bad fit!

I see myself as something of a combination of Cyd Charisse:

And evil Galadriel:

See the resemblance?

We then discussed the possibilities of costumes. But it was all rather exhausting, so we decided to nap instead:


  1. Love the movie character halloween side-by-sides, Minnie!

  2. Purrr purrr purrr. I like you, Charity!

    Don't you see the resemblance? I was born to be a sultry dancer/supreme ruler.