Sunday, November 13, 2011


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

Rohan is just the best, isn't he? He's the darlingest, bestest Rohan ever! Do you know what he did? He went through all the trouble today to go out and get me a box!

Isn't it beautiful?

I conquered it immediately of course, subduing it under my mighty bulk. It's the most awesome box in the whole world, black and orange, just like me!

Anne Elisabeth was wretched about it, of course. She said, "Actually, Minerva, he bought it to get the blower inside so that he can work on the yard. You're not really the center of the universe, you know?"

She's just jealous. Rohan didn't bring home a box for her.

Of course, the others didn't quite understand that this was a box meant for me.

Minion: "What ch'ou got there, Minerva?"

Me: "Mine!"

Minion: "Can a play wich'ou?"

Me: "I shall not grace that with an answer."

Minion: "I'll be reeeeeal careful. Honest."

Me: "Get that fluff out of my face!"

Minion: "Moooom! Minerva won't let me play with the box!!!"

Me: "Tattletale."

Marmaduke, of course, had to get all dramatic and feral about it. He thinks he's something. A cougar or something. I think he's a dope.

And Molly had to go and make it all about her!
"Um. I think this is my new home? I think? I'm a little confused . . ."

She's such a blonde.

Why couldn't any of them understand that Rohan had brought the box home for me?

"Um, hello in there? I'M the favorite, remember?"

But at long last, they remembered their worthlessness and skeedaddled. The box was mine! As it was always intended to be!

"Best. Lair. EVAH!"

Thank you, Rohan! I love you! *Purrrrr purrrr purrrr purrr*

Take that, Anne Elisabeth.



  1. I saw this exact box beside a Dumpster down the street and I thought of you. If you had it, you could have a kitty condominium. But alas...the trash trucks carted it away. My apologies.

  2. Well, it couldn't possibly have been as perfectly beautiful as the box my Rohan gave to me anyway.