Thursday, November 10, 2011

Computer Hog

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a moment when Anne Elisabeth isn't hogging the computer. She says she's "working" and cannot be disturbed.

Oh, she can't, can't she?

We'll just see about that . . .

In the meanwhile, devoted swains, I am having to be extra sly and sneaky to find even a moment to share my brilliant and ever-so-witty perspective of life with all of you. If Rohan were home, he would let me on the computer. I know he would, because he is beautiful and never wretched. But since it is Thursday, Anne Elisabeth kicked him out again (she says she's kissing him good-bye, but if that were true, why would he leave? Wretched Anne Elisabeth).

Oh, blast! Here she comes!

"Minerva, darling, I'm sorry, I need to work," she says.

Uh huh. Whatever.

I suppose I'll go take a nap on my favorite chair for a while. Dream up some vengeance.

Me, angry-napping.


  1. Ah, Minerva. Something reminded me of you yesterday:

    I imagine your angry-dreaming to be very much like this kitty's! How cu--er, I mean... formidable!

  2. Lady Enide, that is no dream. One day, it will be reality. And the world will tremble! (Especially Anne Elisabeth.)