Monday, December 12, 2011

Blue Rat

I got my blue rat back.

Isn't it a perfect blue rat? Rohan brought it home for me one day, and it is beautiful.

But then that Thing came and stole it and tossed it around by its tail until I didn't know what to do. I mean, who takes people's blue rats from people? Seriously?

Anne Elisabeth, as we all know, can be pretty wretched sometimes. Like when she brought that Thing into the house. And when she refused to get rid of it. You know, those times. But once in a while, she does things that remind me why I keep her around at all.

Such as the other day, when that Thing was playing with my blue rat, and Anne Elisabeth used the "MINERVA LOUISE!" voice at it. Except this time, rather than saying "MINERVA LOUISE!" she said:

"Millicent Noel! Drop it!"

And that Thing actually obeyed her.

Proving that it isn't normal.

Still, she fetched my rat and gave it back to me, and it is very beautiful.

But don't start to think, Anne Elisabeth, that one good deed puts you in the clear! I am watching you. Always watching you . . .

I'm watching that Thing too. Look at it. Sleeping around. Like it hasn't got anything better to do.

It makes me so mad! I think I need a nap.

But I love my blue rat!

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