Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Something Sinister

Dear readers mine, there is something sinister happening at Rooglewood. Anne Elisabeth, of course, is keeping all hush-hush. But I can smell it, I tell you! She doesn't have to say a word. I can smell it!

There is something lurking behind closed doors.

Don't you believe me?

It's freaky, man!

That Thing, so far, is the only one who seems to believe me. Which isn't saying a whole lot . . . Still, it's nice to have someone else helping me to guard this portal of evil.

But no matter how long we waited, Anne Elisabeth wasn't letting us through. So I left that Thing to do the guarding, and I did some investigation.

Sometimes, I like looking through Anne Elisabeth's pictures on her computer. I am quite often surprised and pleased by what I find:

My stars! Who is that gorgeous creature?

But today, I was rather less pleased. For when I started searching Anne Elisabeth's most recent files, I found this!
 And this!
And worst of all, THIS!

Do you know what those are? Those are wild kittens again, that's what those are! And the last one--I can hardly believe I'm saying this--the last one is the Minion's own sister, all grown up, and EXPECTING MORE KITTENS!!!!

Anne Elisabeth has turned MY domain into a veritable charity house!!!

Please, please, please, dear readers . . . if you know anyone who might want to adopt a kitty (or several!) do send them directly to me. I've got to get these creatures out of my territory, or I just don't know WHAT Anne Elisabeth might do next!

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