Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Extremely Excellent Song

I am a very musical cat.

Cats, everyone knows, are naturally very musical. They sing, they dance, they play percussion instruments (I myself am remarkably good at crashing glasses and little glass beads). But of all the cats I know, I am by far the most musical. I live, breathe, and sleep on music!

Music is comfy.

The other feline inhabitants of Rooglewood are nowhere near so in tune to their artistic natures as am I. I love LOTS of music. Especially opera. I looooove opera. Whenever Anne Elisabeth is having a less wretched than usual moment and puts on a bit of a Puccini . . . ah! That's when I get very, very happy.

This is happy.

If Anne Elisabeth decides to practice the piano, I come running from any corner of the house to help. She needs all the help she can get, you see, and I make for a beautiful muse of inspiration! I hop up next to her on the bench or sit above and chew on her score just so she knows where to put the right emphasis. I am so helpful.

And she still is wretched enough to say, "MINERVA LOUISE! Stop chewing Chopin!"

Humans. Bah.

After several years of my very helpful helpfulness with her music, Anne Elisabeth eventually decided that I needed a theme song. So she came up with this arrangement and variation on an old song and dedicated it to me! (You might want to turn down your volume a little bit . . . it starts out loud.)

It is very wonderful because it is mine. I know my song, and every time she sings it to me, I start purring and blinking sweetly. After all, I need to encourage whatever good behavior Anne Elisabeth shows! It doesn't happen often. And do you see how absolutely adorable I am at the beginning and end of that video? I am such a demure little shrinking violet, aren't I?

If you had trouble understanding the extremely excellent lyrics, they are:

Every little breeze sings Minerva Louise
Birds in the trees sing Minerva Louise
Each little rose tells me it knows
I love you
I love you!

Every little beat that I feel in my heart
Seems to repeat what I felt at the start
Each little sigh tells me that I
Adore you
Minerva Louise!

Just to see and hear you
Brings joy I never knew
But to be so near you
Thrills me through and throoooo--oough.

Anyone can see why I wanted your kiss.
It had to be, but the wonder is this
Can it be true someone like you
Could love me
Minerva Louise!


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  4. Wow, MacAlpin curled up next to the computer both times I played your song, Minerva. I think your mom has a Top 40 hit here! ;)

  5. (Geez, my computer is being the evil one today! Sorry for the glitches!)

  6. Oh my goodness - I love it!! Music certainly is comfy, and you've got a great theme song, Minerva Louise! :D


  7. I like the song... And Anne Elizabeth was so kind to give it to you.


  8. Wow! I loved the song! So beautiful! Anne Elisabeth is so talented, but I am sure she could never have done that without a muse such as you, Minerva Louise ;)