Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And I Do NOT Approve

Did I give Anne Elisabeth permission to drag my own sweet Rohan away to the frigid North Woods of Wisconsin for a week? Did she file the correct paperwork? Did she grovel appropriately or bestow the correct gifts?


Did she go anyway, stealing my own sweet Rohan with her?


A week, my furry friends. An entire week. No, it did not make it better that Charity came to visit every day (though I do love Charity. She says I'm pretty, proving her great insight). No, it did not make it better that Kyle came to stay at Rooglewood in order to care for the dog, providing us with a lap in which to sit at night. Do you think I, Minerva Louise, supreme dictator by divine right of felineness, am going to accept a substitute lap?

Think again.

I thoroughly snubbed both Kyle and Charity all week. And when Anne Elisabeth got home AN ENTIRE WEEK LATER, I gave her a piece of my mind.

"Why did you LEAVE me?"

No, really. It only looks like I'm cuddling and nuzzling. You're not reading the subtext of body language going on here. In reality, I'm totally chewing her out! I'm not the clingy one of this household, remember. That's all Marmaduke.

Seriously. I'm not clinging there. I could hop down whenever I wanted to. This was simply a better vantage from which to give her what she deserved.

Only moments after this was taken, I totally laid into her. Believe me!

Oh, well. I suppose on the whole we have been seeing some improvements around Rooglewood, despite wretched Anne Elisabeth and all her wretchedness. The kitty population has decreased, significantly! See the creatures below?

That's Mo (white) and Muppet (brown), the two feral kittens Anne Elisabeth insisted on taking in this winter. They have both gone to their new homes, thank heaven, leaving Rooglewood a little bit more peaceful than before!

Mo, renamed "Stig," playing with a mousie at his new (not-Rooglewood) home.

And Anne Elisabeth having a last cuddle with Muppet
on the day she went to her new (not-Rooglewood) home.

So thank goodness for that!

Now we just have to deal with little Miss Fatso cat being all here and all pregnant and things.

There she is. In my house. All fat. And pregnant.

Anne Elisabeth says she could double the Rooglewood cat population in one day if she's as full of babies as Anne Elisabeth suspects she is.

Heaven help us all.

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  1. I'm glad your spare kitties both found homes. Poor much competition for attention. lol