Thursday, March 22, 2012

So Much for Being Helpful

Rohan thinks I am very helpful. I always help him with his projects around the house: Paying bills, sorting mail, doing the laundry. I am quick with good advice and always have an encouraging purr for him.

For instance, the other day, he was hard at work on a very interesting project. I hurried to investigate.

"Hmmm. What we seem to have here is a box."

I am an expert on boxes (see this post for details), and I had all sorts of helpfulnesses for him! We worked very hard together on it.

"I so look forward to seeing what you make, darlingest Rohan!
It must be something wonderful for me!"

We worked, and worked, and I must admit, I was getting very excited. It looks just exactly like the perfect kitty-cover-lair, doesn't it? Rohan is so thoughtful, he . . .

Mama-kitty: "What are we doing?"

Would you believe it? Little Miss Prego-Cat came sauntering up when I wasn't looking, all flicky-tailed, purry-cute. Disgusting. What business does she have getting in the way of Rohan's work? He only needs me for assistance!

I vacated the premises at once, of course. And Fatso-girl hopped right in!

Mama-kitty: "Why, thank you! This will do nicely!"

Do nicely? Do nicely for what? Really, what a lot of gall she has, just assuming Rohan made it for her when I'm the favorite, not to mention the supreme dictator!

Minion: "What?"

Even her brother, my Minion, was confused. Not quite as confused as Molly, however. No one is as confused as Molly.

Molly: "I don't know what's going on . . ."
Marmaduke: "Hi in there! Can I come cuddle?"

None of them were quite so distressed as yours truly, however, for none of them had been involved in the making of this beautiful kitty lair which Miss Fatso went and appropriated right out from under our noses!

"Look at her. All smug and self-satisfied."

And do you want to know what's worse?



  1. Sorry you lost your box but you gotta admit those kittens are cute! :)

  2. Just think what you can teach them during their most impressionable weeks!